Pink and Portman, Celebrity Baby Nurseries Imagined


Two of our favorite superstar celebs just had babies. We thought it would be fun to imagine how Pink and Natalie Portman might decorate their nurseries if they drew inspiration from some of their latest work. Who knows? Maybe you will find some inspiration for your baby’s room here too!

To gather inspiration for baby Willow’s nursery we listened to some of her momma’s latest releases, including “Raise Your Glass.”We loved the fun, bubblegummy sound of this song and the strong positive message it sends, both of which made us think of Pink’s signature color. In coming up with this inspiration board we made sure to pick pieces that packed a punch, just like Willow’s momma. Since we knew we were going to be choosing a lot of bold accent pieces in no-nonsense hot pink, we went with a softer shade for the walls (1). The light pink allows pieces like the chandelier (3), poster (5) and picture frame (4) to really pop. Similarly, the big bow pillow (2) definitely conveyed the right kind of daring sensibilities and awesome bravado we wanted for Pink’s little girl. We chose the beautiful classic crib from Bonavita’s Peyton collection for little Willow to sleep in for its simple, clean lines (10). For the bedding and crib bumper we went with coordinating patterns that look good together but don’t match, to capture the playfulness of Pink’s songs (6,7,8). As a finishing touch we added a sassy poodle in a soft cheetah purse (9) that would look adorable hanging up when it wasn’t being cuddled.

Next we looked at Black Swan to find inspiration for a nursery for Natalie Portman’s new baby boy.  Our Black Swan nursery is certainly not your traditional baby room!

The movie was darkly majestic, with intricate plot lines and an undercurrent of mystery. To replicate this in the nursery we wanted lots of detailed pieces in black and white that mixed the regal feel of classical ballet with the film’s modern and edgy aesthetic. The centerpiece of the nursery is the Sarah classic  crib by Graco in a rich espresso color (5), which sets the tone for the rest of the room. The wall mirror (2) and Venetian mask (7) share scroll details. The block print pillow (1) and alphabet print poster (4) work similarly well together because of the strokes of the line work that switch from thick to thin. A tall floor lamp (10) with strong vertical lines makes a striking impression. We thought an all black room was a little too much, but we really loved the idea of a chalkboard paint accent wall where Natalie’s little boy could draw pictures and practice his letters (9). For the other three walls we chose a lively green (3) which allows the darker accents to really stand out.A small swan lamp (8) and a handmade birdie mobile (6) complete the room with little reminders of the design’s inspiration.

Project Nursery: Summertime Q&A

Oh, the lazy days of summer, when the days are longer, the sun shines brighter, colors seem more vibrant, ice cream tastes sweeter and almost everyone is relaxed! There’s no better time like the present to focus on décor and design, and summer is a great time to tackle your baby’s nursery. Whether you’re a couple months away from delivery and looking at transforming an empty room into the perfect nursery, or if you want to redesign your baby’s current room, we’re bringing you great tips from the experts!

We’re constantly scouring the Internet for great blogs about nursery design and we recently spent enjoyable browsing time on Project Nursery. Launched in Spring of 2008 by moms and design enthusiasts Melisa Fluhr and Pamela Ginocchio, Project Nursery is all about showing real parents how to take charge of their own design and decorating project.

What we love about the Project Nursery blog, besides their innovative take on design, and their fabulous do-it-yourself projects, is their photo galleries of real nurseries designed, decorated and submitted by parents and other designers!

One nursery design, in particular, stood out from the rest. It’s not every day that we see a soon-to-be Dad taking the helm to design a new baby’s nursery. So, when Nick Wills saw how overwhelmed his 24-year-old wife Amber was when faced with designing both their new fixer upper and the baby’s nursery, he took charge and we took notice! He overcame an aversion to pink and pulled together a gorgeous design board to create the perfect room for Ramona!

We spoke with Pamela Ginocchio, Editor of Project Nursery and Partner of Little Apple Design, a specialized Company that provides original, tailored specific “e-design” nursery plans, who let us know why she often recommends Bonavita cribs. In the Q&A below, Pamela also offered up tips for contemporary nursery design, and a number of great go-to places and websites with the perfect nursery finds!

BONAVITA: In A Room For Ramona, Nick recommended the Bonavita Peyton crib. Why does the crib work for this space?

PAMELA: When designing a nursery we tend to gravitate towards clean and classic furniture pieces and then use other elements in the room such as the fabrics and accessories to add the pop and color. Bonavita has some great cribs, like the Peyton Classic Crib, that fit in well with all room styles.

BONAVITA: For new parents, the process of creating the baby’s nursery can be exciting, and confusing, at the same time. What tips can you provide to help them with the decorating process?

PAMELA: Designing for baby can be overwhelming. Start by choosing a color palette and style: traditional, modern, vintage, etc. Choose key pieces to anchor the space like the crib, bedding and dresser and then accessorize from there. Don’t be afraid to look at non-baby stores for accent items like a side table to go next to the glider or fun storage baskets. Also, incorporating a few homemade, heirloom or personal items give the room a sense of comfort and history.

BONAVITA: For parents whose homes have a modern decor, and want the baby’s nursery to retain a similar look and feel as the rest of the home, how can they go about doing that and still have the room age appropriate for a new baby?

PAMELA: A modern style is nice because it always looks cohesive and pulled together. You can make the nursery modern but still have touches of “baby” by keeping the walls and furniture white and finding fun wall art. There are lots of great and unique prints for children out there. I like the letter fun series on Form-Baby.

Use modern white frames and try hanging two or three side by side.

BONAVITA: Once they’ve chosen a crib and furniture, are there any specific vendors or websites where parents can purchase all that they need to accessorize for a contemporary nursery without breaking the bank? Who are your favorites?

PAMELA: Besides the obvious resources like Land of Nod, we are big fans of places like West Elm, CB2, IKEA, and even Target.

It’s all about mixing a few higher end items with inexpensive pieces. Other sites we love are NameyourDesign, Walnut Wallpaper, The Shade Store, and Avalisa.

Wall decals or painted stripes are also a great way to create a dramatic look without a big expense or commitment. Lastly, relax and have fun!

To find out where to purchase Bonavita furnishings, check out our store locator for a retailer near you!

Are you taking advantage of the Summer to create your baby’s nursery? If so, let us know how it’s going! Comment below and share where you’ve discovered amazing nursery finds!

And, as always, Bonavita Wishes YOU Inspired Nesting!